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Why It Pays to Be a Member

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Why It Pays to Be a Member

We hear it all the time – “Membership has its benefits” and we often dismiss this as some marketing ploy to pull us into a deal we otherwise don’t need. But when it comes to your hard-earned time off and downtime with loved ones, why wouldn’t you consider membership to get those extra perks?

Covedweller Cottages are the crème de la crème when it comes to vacation properties. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile so our guests truly see and feel the difference. We think of everything when it comes to preparing the cottage. From our plush, multi-layer beds right down to the wine cork and Wi-Fi password – we’ve thought of it all. When we say, pack your bags and allow us to do the rest, we mean it.

What is the Covedweller Membership difference? During the off-season, we are inundated with booking requests for our luxurious vacation properties. We have prime waterfront, quiet bays and picturesque sunsets. Our Cottages come with kayaks, Weber Barbeques and colourful Adirondack chairs to sit and tell stories and share in wine and food. Bottom line- people want to stay with us! As a member, you are notified ahead of time and given the first opportunity to book your holiday with us. We open the calendars and allow you to tell us when and where you want to stay, and for how long – before the general public can call dibs on your favourite long-weekend!

Being a Covedweller member has various perks and we would love to discuss them with you. Give us a call or send us an email if you are interested in joining. Happy Cottaging!

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