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What to Expect from A Cove Dweller Vacation

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What to Expect from A Cove Dweller Vacation

When you decide to take a vacation, you have worked hard, done a lot of research and planning, and saved time and money, to spend time with those you cherish most. When you choose to spend that time at our properties, we feel privileged and want to provide you with the experience you expect and deserve. That is why – at Cove Dweller – we have taken every opportunity to lavish you with high-end, top of the line products and accommodations.
When deciding on real estate, it was our priority to find private cottages on the most pristine lakes, with a view that would still our guests and provide them with a tranquil and truly relaxing experience. We then fine-tuned the landscape to meet our guest’s expectations, while keeping with the most natural lay of the land for eco purposes. It was also important to us to have great swimming, unobstructed views of sunrises and sunsets and of course, an exquisite cottage to tie it all together.

With every property, we wanted to provide an experience. Every cottage is equipped with two kayaks and a canoe, so you can enjoy lake life from the very best vantage point – on the water. We also include a high-end Weber BBQ for your grilling needs, a well-maintained bonfire area (firewood included) and our signature Adirondack chairs to allow you to truly soak it all in. We also have quiet seating areas nestled among the spacious outdoor living areas, so you can entertain or sneak off for some relaxation.
We understand that travel can often be interrupted by not having a good night sleep, so we have gone above and beyond to ensure you experience sleep like nothing you’ve ever had before. Our beds will immediately put you at ease and make you feel like you are truly floating on a cloud, while still providing proper support for your back. We have soft, high-end sheets, duvets, and comforters. We didn’t skimp on the plush pillows, either!
The Little Extras
We have designed packages to suit every client need and even have a la carte add-ons to bring you everything you need (and more)! From keyless entry, fine wine glasses and comfortable furniture, to the hand-crafted soaps, we haven’t overlooked one detail. Our cottages are meticulously kept, decorated and designed with your vacation needs in mind. Pack your bags and let us handle the rest!

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