It’s Time to Escape

Welcome to Cove Dweller and our line-up of modern-rustic lakeside retreats. If you are looking for that special venue to celebrate family and friends you’ve come to the right place. Our private retreats are carefully selected and uniquely situated on the shores of Eastern Ontario’s Lanark County and Rideau Lakes Region. Famous for their many lakes, majestic and fascinating watersheds, steeped in national history, renowned internationally for offering some of the world’s greatest fishing and pristine water conditions. Our Region is sure to make a lasting impression, see you at the lake!


Deer Run Lodge

For Sale

“Welcome to Deer Run Lodge, a place for friends and family to unplug, unwind and connect with each other. This lakeside retreat provides you with picturesque views, sounds of the loons calling at dawn and campfires that bring the rustic, Canadian cottage feel to its knees.”
“The Lodge” is our vision of friends sharing recipes and good wine, families celebrating milestones and reconnecting. An opportunity for busy lives to slow down and take in the peaceful sounds and sights of nature all around.”

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